All about me

Hi there,

My name is Matt Levesley, I am 23 and new to this blogging malarkey.  I thought I would start a blog about a subject that is near and dear to my heart (that of Disney and Walt Disney World (WDW) in particular).  I am ultimately writing this for my own enjoyment, however if someone was to stumble upon it then I wouldn’t want them to be bored,  so I am going to try to make it as entertaining as possible (the subject matter will definitely give me a head start on that front).

As the title of this post suggests, I am going to use the first one as an introduction to me and my love for the world.

I am currently living in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom working for SSP: the ‘Food Travel Experts’ at Newcastle Railway Station, though I am looking for a job in Sheffield (my home town) as I need to move back home soon. The reason I am in Newcastle was so I could be with my Girlfriend (now fiancée) Hillary Fritsche, however now she is in WDW doing a College Program (CP) for a second time, and I’m finishing up in Newcastle.

I met Hillary at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom at WDW whilst we were both doing the CP in 2008 and have been dating for 2 years.  Boy has time flown!  We have spent many hours on Skype talking to each other, written hundreds of notes (mostly on Facebook) and the long distance has been hard however I wouldn’t change it for the world and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship.  All I know is I want and need to spend my life with her and proposing in May was the easiest decision of my life.

I would say Hillary and my Family are the only things I love more than Disney and WDW.  Over the past few years my love for all things Disney has grown into an obsession.  I have become a massive fan for all the little details in the parks and for the Disney Legends who created the magical parks where kids can stay kids and adults can be young again.  And though I can’t be in the parks everyday the internet has allowed me to keep the magic alive through Podcasts, music and videos.  I listen to Inside the magic and WDW Radio (2 amazing podcasts) pretty much all the time and when I’m not I have Disney music in my playlist.

This Blog is going to be about Disney details, podcasts, hidden mickeys, music, videos, rides, attractions, events and the amazing people behind the magic, all of which make everyday exciting.  I shall try to update it as often as I can.  Hopefully you will enjoy the posts and find them as interesting as I do.

Untill Next time…………………………………………………….

Me and Hillary on the TTA Peoplemover

See Ya Real Soon!!!!!!

Captain Matt