Happy Independence day!!!

Hi there,
So its July 4th!! Well technically its July 5th but who’s counting. So Happy Independence Day to everyone celebrating the holiday.
For me its a holiday that will for sure be a big part of my life, especially since Hillary and her Family are American.
Today is also special because it’s exactly 3 years since I had my first proper shift at the Emporium! I can’t believe its been that long! I shall write about my first day at a later date.
Today I wanted to share about Fireworks I actually saw 3 years ago yesterday (3rd July).
You see Disney world don’t just feature their special 4th of July fireworks on that day, but the day before as well. This is so as many people can experience them as possible, and boy what an experience! ‘Disney’s Celebrate America: A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky’ is a feast for the eyes and ears with parameter fireworks surrounding guests and patriotic music creating a unique and inspiring experience. The photos below are from this fantastic display:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s about it from me for today.

Again Happy 4th of July!!!

Until the next post,

See Ya Real Soon Captain Matt


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